What does Yaqadoodle look like after Lockdown?

As lockdown measures begin to ease, concerned parents/carers will be thinking what have Yaqadoodle done to prepare for life after Lockdown, and how will this look like in practice? 

To provide our customers with some reassurance, our dedicated team of professionals have worked effortlessly before and during Lockdown, by putting into place a number of key measures to ensure the well-being, and safety of everybody that interacts with Yaqadoodle. These measures have been implemented since the beginning of Lockdown, and have become a daily routine for our staff, and the children they care for.

What does this look like in Practice? 

For Staff: 

Staff understand the importance of following COVID-19 Government guidelines, from self-monitoring to isolation if needed. 

There are different entrances for staff, and children to use when entering and leaving the building, unless otherwise stated by the business. 

From staff entering the premises to the staff leaving, there are regular temperature checks throughout the day. 

Hand washing and cleaning measures have been in place for a while. This has been made possible because of the staff’s commitment to ensure the environment the children are cared in, is clean and risk-free. We regularly clean the nursery after each activity, and conduct a deep clean at the end of each day, ready for a fresh and early start. 

For Parents & Carer’s 

In order to maintain social distancing and to ensure the safety and well-being of children and staff, we ask everyone to make use of the distancing guidance clearly marked on the ground during drop-offs and pick-ups.

All children being cared for will have their temperature checked at the entrance before entering the main area, and leaving the nursery using a forehead thermometer. 

There are regular checks throughout the day for both staff and the children. 

To minimise lots of contact with our staff, and the children they care for, we have been working in smaller groups in order to control the spread of the virus. Staff have been working in designated areas from the baby room to each activity area. 

Before COVID-19 we encouraged the importance of outdoor activities, from visits to the park, to attending the local museum with our older children. However, after speaking to a number of experts and following Government guidelines, Yaqadoodle have decided to place a hold on these activities until further notice.

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