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At Yaqadoodle, we take pride in instilling fun and exciting activities for our children.

Browse below to see what we’ve been up to!


The children are learning about road safety and how to cross safely. Remembering to always hold hands and check for traffic before they step off the kerb. We explored a street in Stretford that had been created in our tuff tray. The children knew that red means Stop! Green means Go! Some of the children knew that traffic is dangerous and the job of a lollipop lady/man. 



The Children have been exploring Easter through bags of discovery, learning the words and sensory play. They enjoyed making daffodil pictures and baskets.


St Patrick's - Fruit Smoothies

Following on from St Patrick’s day the children have been making their own healthy fruit smoothies using apples, kiwi and grapes.  They chose green fruits to fit in with our St Patrick’s Day celebrations.  The children talked about how the fruits were hard and putting them in the blender made them soft and squidgy.  The finished product was yummy. 🙂

World Book Day

A great opportunity for the children to dress up as their favourite characters whilst reading reading their favourite stories!

We used different props for the role play.  

Our Tuff tray was based on the Enormous Turnip which is a classic!  It wasn’t long before the children did some digging and having  fun getting messy.  They loved using their imagination to pull up the turnip whilst using good listening skills .

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